Jo Engine  2023.08.26
Jo Sega Saturn Engine
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
 3d.hJo Engine 3D basics
 audio.hJo Engine Function prototypes for audio
 background.hJo Engine Background definition and tools
 backup.hJo Engine saving features function prototypes
 colors.hJo Engine Standard colors
 conf.hJo Engine Internal configuration
 console.hJo Engine Console function prototypes
 console_builtins.hJo Engine Internal Console commands
 core.hJo Engine core function prototypes
 effects.hJo Engine Function prototypes special effects (Laser beam, etc)
 font.hJo Engine Simple ASCII Font & print support
 fs.hJo Engine File System function prototypes
 hitbox.hJo Engine Hitbox and tools
 image.hJo Engine Image definition and tools
 input.hJo Engine Gamepad functions
 jo.hJo Engine Main Header
 keyboard.hJo Engine Keyboard function prototypes
 list.hJo Engine Linked list helper
 malloc.hJo Engine Malloc
 map.hJo Engine MAP file (sprite map)
 math.hJo Engine Math tools
 mode7.hJo Engine Mode7
 palette.hJo Engine Palette Handling
 physics.hJo Engine File Physics function prototypes
 sega_saturn.hJo Engine Sega Saturn constants (addresses, memory sizes, etc)
 sgl_prototypes.hSGL prototypes
 smpc.hSystem Management & Peripheral Control
 software_renderer.hFast Triangle based software renderer using fixed number
 sprite_animator.hJo Engine Sprite Animator
 sprites.hJo Engine Sprite definition and tools
 storyboard.hJo Engine Storyboard Animation function prototypes
 tga.hJo Engine Truevision Targa format support
 time.hTime Management
 tools.hJo Engine Tools (printf, etc,)
 types.hJo Engine Types
 vdp1_command_pipeline.hVDP1 command table handling
 vdp2.hJo Engine VDP2 definition and tools
 vdp2_malloc.hVDP2 memory allocation (cell, map, rotation, scroll, etc)
 video.hJo Engine Video Player (Sega FILM/CPK File Format)